11-Day Jumpstart

It's time to take control of your health and change your life and future. That starts with loving, respecting, and giving your body the time YOU NEED to ReNEWED and fulfill your purpose!

If you're ready to:
  • transform your body, health, and happiness
  • eliminate brain fog
  • reduce inflammation
  • never diet again
  • reduce the risk of disease
  • lose weight from eating real, whole foods
  • regulate insulin levels
  • have more energy + feel awesome
  • get off the weight loss roller coaster
  • experience better sleep
  • have a general feeling of joy
  • and finally, have the body you want
Then this program is for you. We will work together to get you where you need to be. I'm partnering with Martha to help and coach you until you are happy and healthy in your skin. You will be amazed at the changes you can make in 11 days if you to stick with it.

Here is what you get:
  • You will receive daily meal plans in addition to daily outlines. I will walk you through recipes, how and what to cook each day, so you're never left unprepared. Everything is laid out for you.
  • Eleven days of at-home workouts that anyone can do. (optional) The goal here is to introduce your body to moving and building muscle. The activities can be modified for the more advanced athlete if needed.
  • Daily nutritional coaching via Facebook Live in our private group. No more question marks. Do this the right way; supporting your health results in weight loss. Skinny doesn't equal healthy. There is no way to mess it up. Your body WANTS this and will release all extra weight when you implement it correctly.
You will receive eight guides to teach you all about healthy living. This includes:
  1. The Kitchen Clean-Out Guide
  2. Grocery Shopping Guide
  3. Going Out Guide
  4. Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide
  5. Non-Toxic Body Products Guide
  6. Guide To Healthy Fats
  7. Guide To Healthy Sweets
  8. Guide To Kids Healthy Eating
Please don't take my word for it; here is where you get the rundown while people share their experiences intermittently throughout the video.

Here's the deal: give me 11 days, and I will teach you how to regain your health and enjoy life. 
That's right. After going through this program, I guarantee you will never need another diet or weight loss program as long as you stick to it.

The Supplements

This powerful antioxidant aids in removing the garbage stored in your fat cells while nourishing your whole body. 
(These supplements are completely natural and should be safe for everyone. I would not vouch for something synthetic or an isolated compound that could hurt anyone. These vitamins are derived from whole foods and thus are safe.)

There are 2 options, the least expensive is $145 + tax & shipping. 

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Due to the nature of this content and the fact that this program cannot be retracted once purchased, this program is non-refundable. By buying these products and participating in the program, you agree that Dana Ellison nor Martha Krejci are not liable for any potential damages incurred. They are not doctors or RD; the wellness program is meant to guide you to eat well. Any statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure you.

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