It's Time To Take Control Of Your Health

I'm so excited you're scheduling time to invest in your health,
your purpose, your calling.

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14 Day Reset
  •  Daily workouts by a personal trainer
  •  Easy-to-follow printables to keep you on track and organized
  •  Meal plans with shopping lists
  • Education on how to save on groceries
  • Education from a certified nutritionist
  • Mindset tips & motivational affirmations
  • New health and wellness education added monthly
  • Message chats- you choose your desired level of engagement
  • Education on detoxing
  • And more...

NEXT RESET STARTS the Second Monday of each month

My Role in this Program
During the 14-Day Reset, I will be your behind-the-scenes health coach and product customer service rep! 

What I am doing is an added benefit to you to help ensure you're successful and bypass any foreseeable hindrances to the program caused by your health challenges.

The group is monitored by experienced colleagues of mine who I feel have created a wonderful starting place to get your health back on track.

Due to the nature of this content and the fact that this program cannot be retracted once purchased, this program is non-refundable. By buying these products and participating in the program, you agree that Dana Ellison is not liable for any potential damages incurred. Those administering the group are not doctors or RD; the wellness program is meant to guide you to eat well. Any statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure you.
Health History Form
The form will give me an understanding of your current health concerns and current lifestyle choices
 that are contributing to the symptoms you are experiencing. 

It will help me monitor your progress and guide you through any complications 
you experience during your time in the program.

Once I receive the completed form I will send you a link to do a Zyto scan 
and a link to schedule a 30 minute Health History Consultation.
Dana Ellison, CNHP
Clinton, Tennessee 37716

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