Taking our greens daily is so important...

and if you are like me, then sometimes it's easier said than done. I love that Young Living has a way to supplement in case I don’t always get my allotted greens in. I think you'll really like these when you try them and I love the natural energy and extra pep in my step I feel with this supplement! 

Each of the ingredients in Multigreens has a robust nutritional makeup & the combination of them working together is amazing for cellular health & function. Let's take a deeper look...

This supplement is a powerhouse...
+ Alfalfa: supports healthy cholesterol levels & glucose

+ Barley grass juice concentrate: great source of minerals & supports digestion

+ Eleuthero root: supports the nervous system & helps the body to better adapt to stress 

+ Bee pollen: high in antioxidant for free radical protection 

+ Spirulina: amazing superfood source of calcium, B vitamins, iron, & magnesium 

+ Pacific kelp: the richest source of iodine

+ Essential oils: these oils in Multigreens are great for circulation, immunity, respiratory & detoxification

Having the essential oils added increases the bio-availability, which will increase the absorption rate AND it also adds numerous wellness benefits-- I love that! The essential oils in this supplement are lemongrass, melissa, lemon peel & rosemary.

Multigreens is only $40 wholesale, and of course if you order through Essential Rewards you'll get $4-$12 back in store credit when you buy this product. You take 3 capsules twice a day, so it's super easy to just add to your routine with breakfast & dinner!
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