YAS! DIY for Valentines Day!
Skip the toxins and still have romantic, clean fun.

Sexy Soak
The first DIY recipe I have for you is SO easy to make and there are no sketchy ingredients. This Sexy Soak epsom salt is great for indulging in some “me time” or enjoying with your partner, too!
Lure Potion Perfume

This DIY perfume is one you and your partner are both going to love!

Did you know that most perfumes on the market use synthetic chemicals to try and mimic the smell of essential oils? Why use the want-to-be’s when you can have the real deal?! Plus- your hormones will love you so much more when opting for natural sources.

Bringing Sexy Back Massage Oil

This massage oil DIY is a romantic blend of essential oils to support feelings of love and romance and emotional openness. It will definitely have you bringing sexy back to the bedroom!
His & Hers Inner Thigh Rollers


What’s better than a couples gift?! To me it says, ‘we are in this together’!  This DIY recipe that you can make together or it can be gifted. Would be very sweet with a delicious drink or sweet treat to share, and a little note- “Cheers to US!”. This is one healthy recipe that nobody will say no to! 

The Hers Roller will help with relaxation and releasing of tension, and the His Roller will help the soldier stand at attention (if ya know what i mean)!

Skinimint Clean Lube


This all-natural lubricant recipe is safe for your most sensitive areas and also effective. Unlike store-bought alternatives with synthetic ingredients, this recipe will be gentle and promote wellness in our bodies (from head to toe!). No need for me to worry about  the unpleasant side-effects of OTC options, which I love. This DIY is sure to bring the heat (with a slightly cooling effect)!

Romantic Diffuser Recipes


And last but certainly not least is some of my favorite diffuser recipe DIY blends. These will have you ready to hit the sheets sooner rather than later! Some of the oils in these diffuser blends are known for their aphrodisiac properties. 

When breathing in certain essential oils they can affect men and women differently. The same oil that allows a woman to relax, and can have the opposite effect on a man, to actually help get the excitement going. How neat is that?! Designed for us by nature.

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