Every month this generous company loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we’d be buying anyway - toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc - from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, we get free products, free shipping, delivery to our doorstep and product credits galore! I am ALL about boxes of safe, effective and healthy products showing up in my mailbox with fun freebies inside! 

October Gifts With Purchase are here!!

If you're new here, let me fill you in. Every month Young Living gives us amazing products for FREE when you order a certain PV amount. These freebies will come with your order. The ones marked *LR BONUS are for Loyalty Rewards orders only. Which if you're ordering and NOT on LR, that's just sillllllly. (No commitment, customize your box program where you earn points back to use on more products. It's the bomb. 

Make sure that you are ordering the very best way, which is through Subscribe to Save // Loyalty Rewards
It's the easy way to order the products you love every single month, with no minimum order requirement! so if you want some lavender coming to you every month, log in and start shopping! Then, instead of clicking "add to cart", click "add to subscription". That’s it. That’s how you add to your monthly box! You can click Subscriptions to manage it in more detail too!

And here's some exciting news, every time your order is over 50PV, you'll receive 10% back in points that you can basically use as money to order whatever you want! after 3 months, it goes up to 20% back, and then after 24 months, you get a whopping 25% back.

Check this out:

Alright, let’s break down these gifts to see what you get!

 100PV // Free Shipping (YAS PLEASE!!!)


 and // CLOVE

 and // NUTMEG (LR Bonus)

+ Cinnamon Bark:

Give me all the yummy fall diffuser blends with this oil. No scented candles are needed for fall when you have your diffuser and some oils. Here are some fall diffuser blend ideas with Cinnamon Bark:

FALL HARVEST - 1 drop Clove (free from September promos), 3 drops Cinnamon Bark and 4 drops Tangerine.

SNICKERDOODLE: (can I get an Amen?!) 5 drops Stress Away, 3 drops Cinnamon Bark.

PUMPKIN PIE: 5 drops Cinnamon bark, 1 drop Clove, 1 drop Nutmeg.

Soooo…. apparently the Cinnamon Bark aroma attracts wealth. I can’t promise dollar bills coming at you… but, why not?!!! Also a Vitality oil, this oil supports the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. Also a heavy hitter for stabilizing blood sugar levels! I know it’s too good to be true that something can be part of smelling like a cookie and good for your digestion but it’s real friends - and heck - free! WOOT!

+ Clove:

This oil is the MOST concentrated antioxidant known with an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of over 1,000,000. By comparison, the ORAC score for blueberries is only 2,400. We’re talking serious immune system support! Since it also comes as a vitality, it’s wonderful to dilute and rub on the gums for oral health. Fave for teething babes (1 tsp olive oil, 1 drop clove, a few drops copaiba. add to a dropper bottle and rub a drop on gums as needed!)

Aromatically, Clove encourages sleep, stimulates dreams, and creates a sense of protection and courage, wonderful for the respiratory system.

+ Nutmeg:

Another wonderful fall single that I have to talk about as a vitality oil because it is an adrenal support powerhouse! Around the holidays our adrenals can get taxed with later evenings, more sugar in the diet and added stress; place a drop under your tongue or swap a drop in the inside of your cheek and thank me later. This will give you some added energy for the day too. Also supports the production of melatonin - the hormone of SLEEP!! Good sleep = a supported immune system!! Also looove nutmeg in my holiday baking and holiday diffuser blends!



Ok if you don't have Patchouli you're missing out and you're in for a treat this month. It's fabulous for your skin, add a drop of to your YL moisturizer at night and watch it do its magic with those fine lines. This oil can also help with sleep! A drop on the back of the neck and I am out. I love to diffuse this with some Orange and Frankincense! Now let's talk about them E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S because like hormones, we all got them. Have feelings of jealousy? Obsessions? Insecurities? You might need some Patchouli friend. It allows for these feelings to dissipate while it promotes clarity in the mind.



Lack of sleep can be a real issue for stress and is also a stress itself on your immune system. Take this nightly during this season of needing extra support. With this chewable tablet you are getting melatonin, which is amazing for aiding in a good night of z’s. With powdered wolfberry, reishi mushroom, maitake (hen of the woods) mushroom, and minerals like zinc copper and selenium - this is a powerhouse of a chewable. You can split it into halves or quarters and give it to your kiddos! Melatonin is highly recommended if you have what is going around heavily...so yeah. If you’re working through that - take a few Immupro before bed!


 and // YLF MUG (LR Bonus)

+ Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea + Mug

The perfect treat for all you tea-loving peeps! Snuggle up with a warm cup & relax by the fire this winter. Features spiced Turmeric tea, & an adorable mug. Try adding a little splash of your favorite creamer, and a little honey or maple syrup. Like a warm and cozy chai!

What are you trying in your order this month?!



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