When Should You Test Your Thyroid Function?

Your thyroid is an essential organ in your endocrine system that helps regulate:

  • Hormone levels
  • Metabolism
  • Body temperature
  • Brain function
  • Heart rate

People with thyroid disorders generally suffer from either an underactive or overactive thyroid. Sometimes, this is an issue of the thyroid itself. Other times, other health conditions are affecting how the thyroid functions.

An underactive thyroid is not processing thyroid hormones as quickly as it should, so the body slows down, and the metabolism decreases in function. People who suffer from an underactive thyroid typically experience symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Dry skin
  • Cold limbs

An overactive thyroid is processing thyroid hormones too quickly, which speeds up the function in the body. People who suffer from an overactive thyroid can experience anxiety, heart palpitations, and weight loss.

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