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My Online Services
  • Foundational Health Support
  • Nutritional Education
  • Supplement Recommendation
  • Lab Work 
  • Detoxification Cleanses
  • Raindrop Massage 
  • Weekly Online Group Coaching

My Goal for this Session
Today I want to understand your current health concerns and lifestyle to help unlock the mystery of what your body is trying to tell you through the symptoms you are experiencing.

We will use 4 forms of evaluation to create a baseline, Muscle Response Testing (MRT), pH Testing, Face & Nail analysis and an ITOVi scan.
Then, if there are any foundational health steps you are missing, I will make some recommendations that you can implement now to begin improving your well-being and start regaining your health naturally.

Follow-Up Appointment

 Next, I will use the test results to determine which body system needs additional support with supplements,  detoxification or further diet changes.

At your follow-up appointment I will explain my findings and recommendations or maybe suggest further lab testing if necessary.

Dana Ellison, CNHP
Clinton, Tennessee 37716

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