Health renewed Coaching explained

The Health ReNEWed Coaching uses a proven program called SHAPE ReClaimed. This health transformation plan is customized to meet your health goals. 

The SHAPE program is organized into three phases:

Phase I: Cleanse

The purpose of Phase I is to cleanse your body of toxins. During this phase, your brain chemistry will begin to balance, inflammation will decrease, and your immune system will strengthen. If weight reduction is one of your goals, Phase I can also cleanse your body of excess weight because stored toxins are weight. 

You will follow the SHAPE Nutrition Diet, take the SHAPE Drops three times daily, and meet weekly with me to review your urinalysis test and discuss adjustments needed for the next week. Phase I is a minimum of three weeks, or until you reach your health goals.

You will also begin our Health ReNEWed training in our client classroom, where I'll teach a weekly topic important to your health success. 

Phase II: Stabilize

The purpose of this phase is to stabilize your brain chemistry and metabolism. If you lost weight during Phase I, this phase is essential for maintaining your new weight. You will stop taking the SHAPE Drops, begin reincorporating foods, and continue the weekly follow-up and coaching calls during Phase II. Phase II is three weeks long.

Phase III: Lifestyle

Phase III aims to use the knowledge you have gained in the previous two phases to maintain the ReNEWed healthy lifestyle you have created. You can start retaking the SHAPE Drops as a daily supplement to maintain optimal health. In addition, we will switch to a 6-week follow-up coaching call.

Client Testimonial

Click the picture and listen to Christy's experience with the Health ReNEWed Coaching Program.

Ready to see if this is best for you? 
Your first step in this program is to schedule a conversation about your health challenges and long-term goals to determine if you are ready for this life-changing program.

After we determine you're all in, we'll schedule a complete health analysis to determine your current health and what, if any, additional supplementation is needed.

Lastly, I'll get you enrolled in the Client Classroom and send your Starter Kit that includes the following:
  • 1 bottle of SHAPE Drops (30-day supply)
  • 6 Urinalysis Test Strips
  • 1 bottle of pH Concentrated Drops
  • 1 copy of the SHAPE Guidebook
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