5 Tips for Avoiding Addicting Food from Proverbs

5 Tips for Avoiding Addicting Food from Proverbs
The struggle to make change is REAL! If you want to see your toddler self reappear, try changing your bad food habits. Your mind will fight you every step of the way!

Most everyone will agree they need to eat better. They may have a serious brush with death and decide they need to change their eating habits, but that only lasts a few weeks, and they are back to the old habits.

Why is that?

                            "...the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Matthew 26:41

Satan hates anyone that belongs to Christ and desires to sift them as wheat! 

He doesn't want us healthy and serving the Lord; instead, he enjoys seeing us eating out of control, being weak physically, spending our money on sick care, and focusing on ourselves rather than ministering to others.

Adam and Eve had the perfect, healthy environment with the freshest air, cleanest water, and highest quality organic produce, even what appeared to be a daily walk with the Lord until Satan came along and tempted Eve using food. Nothing has changed.

Not only did the human race decline spiritually, but our health began its decline as well.


As believers in Christ, everything boils down to a spiritual battle. But, unfortunately, Satan has a greater understanding of the adverse effects food has on our minds and body, and he uses it against us.

In the Bible, delicacies and dainties are only referenced with the ungodly rulers and evildoers.

However, God gives us guidance in the matter of these tasty, savory, delectable foods that provide us with pleasure while eating them in Proverbs 23.

  1. Diligently consider the foods that are set before you. What are they made of? How will they affect me physically, mentally, and emotionally?
  2. Set boundaries before you are tempted above that ye are able. (knife to the throat) Plan how you will politely decline the temptation. Take a substitute, so you are eating something.
  3. Dainties are Deceitful; they lie to you. They may taste good to you, but studies show they are as addictive and controlling as cocaine. Have you ever tried to quit eating them?
  4. Don't eat or crave the dainty food of evil men. You may enjoy them for the moment, but it will cost you more to regain the health you are losing. 
  5. Avoid eating in excess. Gluttony causes drowsiness; know your appropriate portion size and stick to it.
These verses are very convicting to someone like me who can eat sweets in excess very easily! How about you? Even "natural" sweets in excess are a temptation, so I must keep them a knife to my throat or out of the house!

Have you ever noticed that you don't overindulge in broccoli or spinach? Foods with the most nutritious value don't cause addictions. 

"...but I keep under my body and bring it into subjection:..." I Corinthians 9:27

Resisting the fleshly desires and bringing our body into subjection requires a daily submission to His will and His word. 

Understanding that food manufacturers add toxic ingredients that create a craving for more to keep purchasing their fake food products is a deceptive tactic that you must be aware of.

Remember that there is "no good thing" that He will withhold from those that walk uprightly!

God knows these foods cause a lack of mind control, the weakening of our defense against the enemy, daily productivity, and relationships, not to mention how they destroy his temple, our body.

I'll say it again, eating habits are a spiritual battle, learning and resisting Satan's subtle tactics and deceptiveness.

Let me add that often, the ole devil gets blamed for attacking us with strokes, heart attacks, and other chronic conditions that are ultimately the consequences of our long-term, negligent behaviors when it comes to caring for our temple.

Do you struggle with deceptive dainties too? You may find a liver cleanse is needed or a simple supplement like Gymnema (available at most chiropractors) helpful in curbing your cravings.

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