Winter is gone, now let's get ORGANIZED!

Winter is gone, now let's get ORGANIZED!

I know organizing a home is a springtime project but spring is almost over and I want to make sure you're ready.
When you don't have your house in order, it causes A LOT of unnecessary confusion, frustration, arguments, and mental stress (which causes illness)!

Getting organized before summer will leave you so much more relaxed and peaceful; ready to enjoy the summer season that will fly by so fast! Plus, think of all the time it will save you and time is so valuable!

"Let all things be done decently and in order." I Corinthians 14:40

To keep things simple and manageable, let’s tackle one thing at a time.  I don’t know about you, but transitioning from winter to spring clothing has been a struggle at our house. 

We still have winter clothing out because one day you need it and the next you don't! 

It’s time to tackle this clothing clutter in a manageable way. Take today and organize the winter gear. Do you need all the heavy coats, gloves, and snow boots within arm's reach? If you do, by all means, keep them out but if you don’t, gather them up and put them somewhere until next season. 

We keep ours in a storage building where it’s still easy to grab them if we need them, but they are out of the way. It cuts down on the clutter so much!

Would you like to take three more days and organize your home a little more? Great! Click the image below and join me for three more days of organizing! We will tackle dressers and clothing closets and have the best tip for quick and easy decluttering.

So grab some trash bags, and let’s go!!!