5 Easy Alternatives to Microwave Use
Because food is intended to be our medicine that we take every day for preventative maintenance, the nutrients should not be modified. 

When nutrients are "zapped," we are only stopping the symptom of hunger and confusing, not nourishing our cells. Confused cells don't communicate and eventually begin to mutate.

5 Easy Alternatives to Microwave Use

1. Reheating Leftovers 
Bake at 350° for 10-15 minutes; use a toaster oven, saucepan, or skillet. I like to add a tablespoon of water or oil and cover it to create steam.

2. Warming Coffee or Tea
Get a cute tea kettle (or a saucepan) to heat water. Use an electric candle warmer (which looks like a mini hot plate) to keep your drink warm.

3. Frozen Food
Use a toaster oven.

4. Soften or Melt 
things like coconut oil, chocolate chips, or butter; place in a glass measuring cup or bowl 
(pyrex works best) and place in oven on pre-heat. 

5. Thawing Meat
Place overnight in the fridge, or put in a sealed bag and place in room temperature water.

It's not hard at all! Just think, people lived without microwaves for thousands of years, it takes a bit of redirection, and you'll never miss it! Promise!

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