Is a Lack of Knowledge Destroying Your Health?
 Today, as Christians, we are living in the information age, yet...
" people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge..." Hosea 4:6

Lack of Knowledge Quiz
Are you ready to determine if you're one of the American's whose health is being destroyed "for a lack of knowledge?"  How would you respond to the following statements?
  1. There is no nutritional difference in canned and frozen vegetables. Y or N
  2. It is ok to substitute with artificial sweeteners. Y or N
  3. You enjoy the desert with most meals. Y or N
  4. Diet drinks are better for you. Y or N
  5. You use boxed seasonings for preparing meals. Y or No
So, how did you score?  The answer to all is NO! Is your health being destroyed? Mine was! 6 years ago, I would have answered YES  to all 5 of these. 

My health was a mess, and self-control was VERY low!! I would stuff my face with Canadian and pineapple pizza then eat an extra piece of double-layered chocolate chip cookie cake with the most frosting on top. 

What Do We Lack Knowledge In?
Our health is being destroyed because we do not understand how our bodies function or what's required for optimal health. We lack knowledge of WHAT food is being fed to us,  WHY real food matters, and HOW food effects us. 

Stop to consider how American's health has drastically declined over the last 50 years. The predominant thing that has changed in America is the food that we see stocked on store shelves. 

We have gone from wholesome, nutrient-rich, garden-grown foods of yesteryear to factory-made, chemical-filled, toxic artificial dyed packaged food. 

Our crops have been repeatedly modified, so there is no nutrition left in them. Pesticides used to withstand bugs are absorbed into the plants, and we are eating it! Livestock is pumped with antibiotics and hormones as soon as it's born, giving us a regular dose each time we eat meat.

Major American health organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Society, and National Institute for Cancer all agree that a healthy diet can prevent and cure our top 3 diseases, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, but how? How can we prevent or cure diseases with chemical-filled food?

Could the Bible Have the Answer?
When we observe Daniel's life, He had knowledge of the food he ate and how it would affect him physically and spiritually. His knowledge and discipline ultimately promoted him to leadership. That's something to ponder!
It truly breaks my heart to see so many Christians being led like sheep to the slaughter, unknowingly deceived by false information and addicted to foods that are destroying their that was intended for God's purpose. 

I find it interesting that Eve was deceived with food too? Maybe the path to the heart is through the stomach?

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Abundant Blessings, Your friend, Dana


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